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What Can I Expect?

When you come to Believers Church...

You will find a group of real, down-to-earth people, who God brought to GP from all over Canada and even a few rare people actually from GP & the Peace Region!

You will be genuinely greeted and welcomed.

You will find a sanctuary that has comfy chairs and a welcoming atmosphere.

You will be invited to worship with our worship team - who will lead us in lively and impacting praise & worship.

You may also get to hear some testimonies about the goodness and faithfulness of God

You will get to hear a message from the Word of God by one of our Pastors

You will have opportunity to have prayer if there is anything that you would like the leadership to pray with you for!

You can also fill out a 'Let's Connect' card so that one of our pastors can contact you to go for coffee or to meet!

There are also prayer cards for you to fill out if you would prefer prayer for a specific need by our Prayer Team during the week.

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